Vienna Natural History Museum

The Danube flows Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria and that has a mixture of baroque style with art nouveau, with spectacular architecture, especially in the old part of the city. But what I recommend this time is the Vienna Natural History Museum, a place where both adults and children will enjoy learning in its almost 9,000m2. It is one of the most important museums in the world and has one of the first artifact collections that were started more than 250 years ago.

The building is a huge palace that accommodates collections that are constantly growing and that since its opening in 1889 has multiplied in terms of capacity and works shown. Many of them arrived when they were transferred from other museums in the city. In addition, the construction, decoration and all the museum objects make it a unique place to preserve all the history of the country and his culture. Its mission when they built it was to house the vast Habsburg collection, but it ended up housing some of the most important world works of all times.

Among the many exhibitions of the Vienna Natural History Museum you can see a diplodocus dinosaur skeleton, animals that are already extinct, plant specimens from 200 million years ago spread over 39 rooms or one jewelery collection that Maria Teresa gave to her husband. As for its distribution, on the first floor you have the species of the animal world, from protozoa to fully developed mammals so that you can know how the evolution of each species is.

If after visiting the Natural History Museum in Vienna you have time, you can take a walk around the Opera House or through the old town to take a walk through its streets or just hang out observing the Danube.

Vienna - The Natural History Museum (January 2022)

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