15 places that everyone wants to visit

The world is full of beautiful places worth visiting. Sometimes you have to take the plane to go to the other end of the world, but other times it is enough to travel a few kilometers to enjoy such incredible corners as the ones I show you in this article.

Bora Bora (Society Islands)

Bora Bora
Who has never dreamed of spending a vacation in one of those hotels that are made up of cabins on the water? It is the closest thing to paradise, a destination that impresses anyone with the beauty of its beaches, the abundant vegetation and the friendliness of its people.

Bangkok (Thailand)

The capital of thailand It was the most visited city in the whole world last year. We are not surprised by the simple fact of attracting millions of Chinese tourists, although in recent years it has also become popular in Europe. The fact that life is much cheaper there makes people want to visit a country that has everything and has put itself on the tourism front.

London, United Kingdom)

The second most visited city in the world is London. It may not be as attractive as other cities in the world, but there is something that makes you always want to return. It is impossible to get bored and above it has monuments as emblematic as the Big ben, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular on the entire planet.

Paris France)

For me it is the most beautiful city in the world. It occupies the third position in the ranking of the most visited in 2017 and the truth is that it does not surprise me. The river Seine, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, a museum like the Louvre ... There are plenty of reasons to visit the capital of France.

Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is synonym of relaxation. It is a paradise island that stands out for its beautiful beaches. It is normal that there are more and more tourists interested in traveling there, since it is enough to drool with Instagram photos uploaded by friends to sign it as a holiday destination.


Bob Marley's land is also synonymous with relaxation and incredible beaches, and on top of that it gives you the knowledge that you are in a Caribbean country. Reggae, turquoise waters and a must-see: the cliff of Negril Cliffs.


If you are a fan of scuba diving, you should travel to Belize at least once in your life. There is the well-known Blue hole, a huge 120 meter deep blue hole located near Ambergris Caye. Otherwise, I recommend you visit the city that gives its name to the country and the ruins of Lamanai.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro
Impossible to describe the beauty of Rio de Janeiro by many adjectives that are used. The most visited city in Brazil It is a show for various reasons, and for the record, I am not referring to carnivals, samba or soccer. I mean the famous Copacabana beach, the Christ the Redeemer and the friendliness of the locals.

Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Carmen beach
It is in the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico. Its waters do not disappoint, they are turquoise like those of all beaches of the caribbean sea. The sand is fine and that invites you to enjoy it throughout the day, although you can also do other things, such as diving. In fact, you can even bathe in one of the cenotes near there or visit the ruins of Coba, a prominent archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Mayan culture.

Formentera (Spain)

We Spaniards cannot complain. We have Formentera a stone's throw away. Of course, when you get there you realize that there are more Italians than Spanish. Why? Because Italians have fallen in love with this Balearic island that you can travel from end to end in about 20 minutes by car. The beauty of its beaches is incalculable, something that you realize when you visit Ses Illetes, which for me is one of the best beaches in Europe without discussion.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

It is a destination that leaves no one indifferent. You either like it or you hate it. Luxury is felt everywhere, both in the skyscrapers and in the supercars driven by its wealthiest citizens. There is the tallest building in the world, the imposing Burj Khalifa with its 828 meters high.

Cuzco (Peru)

Cuzco, the historical capital of Peru, It is a beautiful city from which excursions are organized that take you to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. You can mix with its people in the Plaza de Armas, buy regional products in the Mercado de San Pedro or go to a fair called Baratillo that is only held on weekends.

Barcelona, ​​Spain)

The most visited city in Spain has practically everything. To start the good weather, which undoubtedly attracts many tourists. The sacred Family It is one of its great attractions, but we must also talk about the architectural beauty of its most central neighborhoods or the possibility of taking a walk by the sea.

Edinburgh (Scotland)

Scotland is a spectacular country, and Edinburgh, which is its capital, lives up to it. Stroll through the Royal mile It is highly recommended, especially if you are going to stop at the famous Edinburgh Castle to visit it. Every summer the Fringe is held, an highly recommended alternative performing arts festival that I was lucky enough to see in first person.

New York, USA)

The goal of many people is to visit New York. In fact, some want to stay there to live the American dream. Its imposing skyscrapers welcome you to the city that never sleeps, which by the way is the second most populated in the entire American continent, second only to Mexico City. What to see there? The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the New York Stock Exchange… Boredom is impossible, I assure you.

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