Tourism in Manaus, Brazil

Contrary to popular belief, Manaus It is not on the banks of the Amazon, but is located on the northern margin of Negro, near where the Negro and Amazon, the largest in the world and that form a true sea in movement. As the density of the waters is very different, they do not mix immediately, but continue in parallel for many kilometers, each one of a color, a true natural spectacle that is lost through the maze of channels of the Anavilhanas river archipelago, where the manatee is still the animal that made you think that mermaids existed and where you can still feel the magic that comes from the heart of the jungle. Indescribable.

The rubber fever made Manaus flourish, which is the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas and the physical and commercial center of the entire region. Since 1967, numerous national and foreign companies have established their factories here, specializing mainly in the electronic sector, making Manaus the aggressive industrial and commercial center of this great region.

A suffocating heat, a humidity of almost one hundred percent and an unbreathable atmosphere is what you find when you get off the plane, so prepare your clothes and accessories well and always carry a bottle of water with you. The power of the jungle is felt even if it is not seen. If you go to travel to Manaus You can find a multitude of desirable destinations to go for excursions and admire the native flora and fauna, the huge expanses of forest flooding in the flood season or the countless islands that dot the river.

Also in the city itself it is possible to take a break where, without a doubt, the best place is the port. Place of encounters and gatherings of arrivals and departures, of stalls of fish and fruits, chickens and leeks, rice and beans and a host of trinkets and electronic novelties.

Complete Tour of Manaus, Brazil (Legendas em português). (April 2021)

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