Going out in Brussels

Whichever place you choose, Brussels, will ensure you entertainment during your vacation. Eclipsed by the reputation of its neighbors like Paris and Belgium, Brussels is not known for its nightlife as it is for its breweries. Although at first glance you think that the options are not many to have fun for the night, you will see how soon you start to change your mind.

The night life in Brussels it is much more than leaving a bar after having a couple of drinks. It is full of things to entertain you for a lot of hours. There are very varied cocktail bars that you can discover. But, you will also find entertaining halls of cabarets, discotheques, concerts, cool jazz, opera and ballet clubs. One thing to remember when you decide to go out at night in Brussels are the Schedule from the bars.

Most of these establishments open a couple of hours earlier than we can be used to in Spain, so you should bear in mind that their closing is also earlier. Head over to Place Brouckere. This square is one of the centers of nightlife in Brussels. It is the perfect place to have a beer and have a little chat with friends.

Depending on the area you choose to go out, you should take into account your clothing. In certain places, they do not let on too casual clothes. A bar that welcomes the most intellectual young people is the Kafka, where vodka flows like water and conversations range from the most ordinary to the most existential.

Brussels Nightlife - Adult, Parties, Social Scene & Best Belgian Beer Bars to make new friends (October 2022)

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