Museum of Sex in Amsterdam

If you are one of the people who enjoy visiting peculiar museums when you travel, surely in Amsterdam you have one that will catch your attention: the Museum of Sex, which was also the first of its kind to be opened worldwide, was in 1985 and started with a small collection that contained erotic objects from the 19th century. The Temple of Venus is a place full of sensuality and eroticism where you can discover a wide collection of pictures, photos, objects and shows, of course all with sexual content. It is on the Paseo del Damrak, at the height of where the Central Station meets Dam Square.

Being Amsterdam one of the most liberal cities in the world, this museum became a success in a very short time, so its owners were overwhelmed with public and requests and decided to expand the collection, which motivated the facilities to also have to be expanded . Currently you can see two different parts, one in the back and one in the front. There is a staircase that connects both parts and you can go through a maze of corridors and rooms where there are also samples of the collection.

Almost half a million people visit the Museum of Sex in Amsterdam every year, since it is very central, making it one of the most visited in the city as it is in a good area where you can also find many hotels. Thanks to this enormous success, other European cities such as Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen have also opened their own sex museum. The truth is that it is a unique place where you will discover many things and curiosities about sex and everything that surrounds it. You will see that if you visit you spend a fun time discovering objects that you never imagined could exist.

Amsterdam City, Red Light District and SexMuseum (July 2020)

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