Travel agencies for singles

The travel for singles they are increasingly popular. This has allowed the proliferation of travel agency like the ones I mention in this article, which as you can see they have specialized in a customer profile that has nothing to do with the one who travels as a family, since they are looking for different objectives.

Who says single says divorced, widowed, separated ... They are men and women without partners who do not want to stop living unforgettable experiences in any corner of the world. Agencies have sprung up for all of them, ready to give them what they want, tailor-made trips that are often organized to enjoy in the company of people who are in a similar situation.

They accumulate more than 30 years of experience and they call themselves the first Spanish travel agency for singles. They collaborate with travel agencies distributed in different cities in Spain and are specialized in organizing cruises, trips and getaways. If you visit their website you will see their offers.

They are sold as a specialist travel, cruise and getaway agency for singles and single-parent families. This last section is very good, since singles with children can do countless activities, go on vacation to the beach, the mountains, a city, etc. They organize special outings and there is a calendar for singles travelers who want to visit places like Ibiza, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia ...


It is a very complete website, with many trips for singles in Spain and other places on the planet such as the Caribbean. In fact, they organize cruise ships as typical as those that cross the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands or the Norwegian fjords. There are also sailing trips to meet other people and a special section called "Meetings" where you can meet up with other single travelers to share unforgettable moments. There is also a singles section with children.

In Viajes Nones they also encourage you to travel without a partner at the best price. They offer you some of the most visited places by singles and organize organized trips to share memorable experiences in the company of other people who are looking for the same thing.

In Travel Solo they say that they are pioneers in trips for singles of 2002. On their website you will find a good handful of offers and a calendar for you to sign up for what interests you. You can filter trips by destination, price, style, departure, arrival and duration. I really liked the section on frequent questions that they make available to users, especially for a response that encourages you to travel alone, so that you do not rush to do so.


On this website you will find a section for singles, which incidentally is divided between those under 45 years of age (young) and those over 45 years of age (senior). You can also select your organized trips for people traveling alone without distinction by age.

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