What to visit in Germany

Know the best places to visit in Germany can help you make the most of your vacation in the country. In a country so rich in culture and with so many excursions and tours to do, any tourist can go crazy when considering what to visit. Take note of some of the places that we have selected for you:

- bavaria
Have you ever dreamed of entering a fairy tale place but in real life? This is how you will feel when you see the castles in the area. Walt Disney used a castle in Bavaria as a model for his Sleeping Beauty to rest on. If you like history, castles, or the opportunity to visit impressive German gardens, Bavaria will be a city that you will love. The Bavarian Forest also has Germany's first national park.

- Munich
You can find bars, museums, theaters, and a great hustle. This is one of the favorite cities for younger tourists. Munich is known for its lifestyle and its incomparable nightlife. You should not miss a visit to the long banks of Isar, Munich's main river that runs through the city center.

- Berlin
Another place rich in history and full of passion. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the reunited city has found its resurrection through reinvention. Visit the museum of the Berlin Wall and for the little ones do not miss a visit to the Zoologischer Garten, the zoo of the city.

10 Best Places to Visit in Germany - Travel Video (March 2021)

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