The best places in California

If you want to find different places to visit in California During a vacation, different factors must be taken into account, such as economic or entertainment. Let's start with a place not too well known: Old alder. According to its inhabitants, this is one of the best places to live in California, since it is surrounded by parks and golf courses.

Most of the houses are stacked against the mountain that provides tourists with a landscape. This city is located in the Orange county and it has a population of just over 46,000 people. If you want to see another curious city, head to Folsom. The city is famous for its prison and for being home to large companies such as Intel and Verizon. The neighborhoods of Folsom They are wooded and there seems to be an air of tranquility that reigns in the area. The city's parks make it a perfect place to travel with children.

A California classic is: San Diego. This is possibly one of the best singles cities in all of California. The Beach and the night life attract tourists more revelers. San Diego has excellent year-round weather and also has great roads to get from one place to another, along with an excellent public transportation system.

Finally, we recommend a visit to Saint Barbara. Known as the American Riviera, it is one of the best cities in California to enjoy pleasant holidays. As a curious fact, note that it has a low crime rate.

10 Best Places to Visit in California - Travel Video (September 2020)

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