Space Ibiza, the best disco in the world

Ibiza It is one of the preferred destinations for the majority of young Spaniards, who see the island of Pitiusa as the perfect combination of sun and fun, as there is no doubt that if there is a place famous for its parties and its hours of revelry, this is island. There you can find the one that is considered the Best Nightclub in the World (received an award with such distinction), the Space Ibizalocated in the middle of a large parking lot in D’en Bossa beach and that it is like the Mecca of the festivals, a place where everyone who has visited it assures that it is the best and most fun of all those who have trodden.

The world's top DJs have spent at least once in their lives for Space Ibiza, and its facilities and parties are an extraordinary success night after night thanks not only to its music but also to the staff that attends each section. Among them, Reche, José de Divina, Tania Vulcano, Jon Ulises and Steve Lawler, which are the last to be more successful in the disco market and which are the usual ones in the Space nightclub, some of which have been there for 10 years. Many professionals in this sector come to this place to launch their career and make themselves known.

One of the most characteristic aspects of Space Ibiza is that year after year they strive to ensure that everything is in perfect condition and make constant renovations to always be up-to-date and that their clients can enjoy the best music all night and well. early in the morning. Of course it has a large terrace where you can dance and have a drink in the fresh air listening to the best music and the most fashionable, although inside you will almost always listen Hard Trance and Tecnho.

Oddly enough, there are people who take a plane from anywhere in the world only to come to Ibiza for a weekend and go to this club, so you know, Space Ibiza is one of your essential stops if you visit the island.

Space Ibiza: 27 Years of Clubbing History (April 2021)

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