The Sydney Tower, a spectacular viewpoint

There is no doubt that Sidney It is one of the most important cities in Australia and, among the many options it has for all its visitors, one of the most spectacular is the Tower of Sydney (Sidney Tower), which is also called the AMP Tower. A spectacular building of more than 300 meters high that is divided into three sections and where you can find a 3D cinema, bars, restaurants, shops and, of course, a viewpoint that offers incredible views of the city.

To be able to go to the top of the Sidney Tower there are high-speed elevators that will cover the entire route in forty seconds. Before reaching the part where the observatory is to enjoy these incredible views, you can visit a three-dimensional projection room with animated models and scenic art and which exhibits a film showing the history of Australia and all its geography and customs. Fully recommended not only for the history of the country but also for the spectacular nature of the cinema itself.

If you are brave you can make yourself Skywalk tour, a 45-minute walk at 260 meters high on a transparent surface that lets you see the entire city under your feet and that you will be wearing special clothes and harnesses. An authentic experience that brings out all the adrenaline that is inside but that is not suitable for everyone. But the best is, of course, the Observation Deck It is 260 meters away and from where you will not only be able to see the whole city but you will have it in a 360 degree panoramic view. Without a doubt the best place to take photos of Sydney from all possible angles. Its capacity is approximately 950 people.

Ticket prices are from $ 25 for adults and $ 15 for children, increasing depending on whether we want the Skywalk or any of the other extra activities that are offered. For $ 60 you can buy a voucher that gives you access to four of the city's main attractions.

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