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Miami It is one of the main destinations for all those tourists who decide travel to the United States, either for being on the coast and enjoying good weather, for wanting to know the original Disney Park that is in Orlando or for the large number of series and films that have been recorded in the city and that we would all love to discover up close someday. Whatever the purpose of our trip, if we decide travel to Miami We must take time reserved to know its great and spectacular beaches.

South beach It is the most important and is where the famous 80s series “Corruption in Miami” and a few productions of Hollywood plus. Its extension is about 23 apples, which translated into Spanish is at least more than 15 kilometers, depending on the extension of each apple. One last.

Another very important beach is that of Virginia Key, at the time created for "people of color" and which has become the beach that Miami citizens go to, leaving South Beach to be invaded by the thousands of tourists who come to the city every day. Great if you travel with children since it has a playground where they can play a lot of things while you relax in the sun, although without taking your eyes off them, of course.

Haulover Beach It is one of the most important and it is also the only one in which you can do nudism in one of its areas. Opposite it has a fairly large recreation area with tennis courts, restaurants, shops and even a golf course.

Bill Baggs Cape Beach It has been chosen one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. It is not very big but it is great if you like to play sports on the beach, enjoy its incredible crystal clear waters or enjoy a barbecue in the areas enabled for it with a barbecue. In addition, you can fish and motorhome parking is allowed, making it the ideal place if you like to travel with your house in tow and wake up to an almost incomparable landscape.

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