Adventure travel: asking for help with fire

If yours are the Adventure travels You must be aware that you are not exempt from having an accident and, therefore, you need to ask for help. Today we talk about some things you can do if during your adventure vacation, you suffer some accident. Knowing some basic survival techniques is a good start. Having a well-supplied emergency kit in your backpack or in the car you are using is a great idea.

These objects, which we often consider silly, may be able to help us in truly complicated situations. Currently we think that with carrying the mobile, we have everything solved and, although it usually is, what happens if we do not have coverage? If you are isolated in a remote area during your adventure trip, one of the first things you should resort to is fire.

In addition to being an excellent way to get warm and light the area, it is perfect for rescue teams to see you. Try to do it in the highest area. The international signal for help when it comes to fire is a triangle. This must be done with three fires. The other option is to carry out three fires in a straight line that runs about 25 meters away.

If you are alone and can't manage all three fires, just try to build one as big as you can without burning all the forest where you are. As a last resort, fire at the foot of a lonely tree that can be turned into a torch. To do this, remember that the tree must be truly isolated and that you must clean the entire area around it so as not to burn everything.

Adventure Time | Burning Low | Cartoon Network (June 2021)

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