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Tangier is considered the gateway to Morocco and Africa in general, it seems a small city but in reality it is not so much, although it is true that a couple of days are enough to know the most interesting, so it is the ideal destination if what you want is to make a short break. You can arrive by plane or by ferry. The port is one of the most beautiful areas, with many restaurants and a lot of social life. It is next to the old part of the city, known as "La Medina", and which is a huge souk where you will find many stalls in all the streets.

From "La Medina" you can go to "La Cashaba", where going up the slopes you will see the typical white houses of the city and when you cross its walls you will find him Dar el Makhzen Palace, an impressive place that has several gardens, a mosque, period houses and fantastic sea views. It also has 7 royal doors that are designed by the most prestigious artisans in the city, but entry to the other side of these doors is not allowed. It is the largest palace in the country.

Between the places of interest in Tangier There is the Petit Socco, also known as Souk Dakh, or some of its museums, such as the Dar el Makhzen Museum of Moroccan Art and the American Consulate, which is not a museum but does have several art collections on display and can be visited. One of the most beautiful museums in Tangier is the Forbes museum, where is the world's largest exhibition of military miniatures.

One thing you have to have watch out are the fake guidesThey are all over the place and quite heavy, plus they will charge you a lot more and are not reliable. If you want an excursion, hire it in a place that is totally legal, even if someone on the street offers you a bargain. If in addition to walking you need another means of transport you can use the petit taxi, which is only for 3 passengers and it is recommended to set the price when you get on.

What to See & Do in Tangier, Morocco (June 2023)

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