Offers for Valentine's in hotels around the world

The time begins when we all decided to take a few days of holidays to celebrate something: Valentine's Day, carnivals, Easter, Fallas. This is also the time when many hotels begin to launch offers for travelers to decide to stay at their facilities. One of the first parties that we will meet in a few days is Valentine's Day.

Valentine brings us a lot of offers hotels anywhere in the world. Today we discuss some of these. For example, we started with which offers a romantic bottle of champagne, some roses and a maximum of 30% discount in the romantic escapes of its guests, in the rooms of all those who travel between February 10 and 21. In North America the chain Omni Hotels It will launch an offer that will start on February 10 and will leave its suites at $ 199 including a bottle of champagne and truffles.

Novotel Suite offers a free breakfast and a gift box "5 senses" for € 109. The box includes elements for a night of "sensations to discover". The luxury hotels of the Trump chain are offering offers in all their rooms.

For guests with less financial problems, there is a package for $ 29,000 in the Trump SoHo in New York that, although we do not know exactly what it includes, the truth is that it must be wonderful. Also they Trump hotels They offer much more modest packages like $ 219 at the Vegas Trump, $ 575 at the Chicago Trump and $ 700 at the Trump International Hotel and Tower New York.

World's Most Romantic Places to Spend Valentine's Day (April 2021)

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