A day in New York

It is not usually very common to spend only one day in another city, especially if it is a large city like NY, but it is possible that you may get there for work or as a connection to fly to another place. If this is so and you will have a day available in the Big Apple, I bring you an ideal route for unforgettable 24-hour passes:

Breakfast in New York: Even if you have breakfast at the hotel, you can try the typical New York breakfast in places like H&H Bagels, where you will have delicious bagels, which are round Jewish breads made with wheat flour. This franchise is in almost any corner and there are many celebrities who stop by one of the places to have a drink every day.

Metropolitan Museum of Art or Natural History MuseumIt will only give you time to see one of the two, so study them beforehand to know which one interests you the most.

Stroll through Central Park. This is something essential, a couple of hours in this famous park where there are several lakes and where you can see people from picnic anywhere. There is also the Zoo and if you are lucky you can even catch a performance by the New York Philharmonic.

- Before going to eat it will give you time to do the bus tour in order to see many important sites in the city. My recommendation is that you take the M1 and get off on Fifth Avenue to see the many interesting things that are on this famous street.

- If you are already hungry, I recommend eat in Little Italy, specifically the Lombardi’s Pizzeria, a centennial restaurant where you can eat an excellent pizza made in a charcoal oven. It is considered one of the best in Manhattan.

- In the afternoon, the best thing you can do is visit the Statue of Liberty. The boat ride there is very good and you cannot leave the city without visiting it. When you're done, stop by the Empire State Building for the best views in town.

- For dinner I recommend you a restaurant of the typical New York gastronomy, specifically the Angus McIndoe, which is close to the Broadway area.

- After dinner, a show on Broadway It is the best. It does not matter that you do not understand the whole play to the finger, it is pure magic to sit in one of its many theaters and see great movie stars on stage.

- And then sleep. Or if you have the strength, have a drink. Enjoy it!

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: A Day in My Life! (January 2024)

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