Walt Disney Studios Park

Go to Eurodisney is to go to a world of magic and illusion. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy every step and get excited with each character you meet along the way and that you have seen so many times in the famous stories and movies of Disney. Eurodisney has grown a lot, and in addition to the famous Disney Park, a few years ago they also inaugurated the Walt Disney Studios Park, dedicated solely to the cinema and where you will get fully into many of its films with each of its attractions. Like its older brother, this park is also divided into different worlds:

Front Lot: Here you can stroll along a typical Hollywood street and where you will go through the sets of various movies.

Toon Studio: In this there are 7 attractions. The two that I liked the most were Animagique and Monsters Inc Scream, where you can yell at ease to see if you can get to the limit with Sully and company.

Backlot: What I liked the most here was the attraction of Armageddon, the Bruce Willis movie. Totally recommendable. You also have a show with cars and motorcycles called Engines ... Action, it was a bit of a pain in the ass, but for tastes! The most amazing roller coaster is here too, where in 4 seconds you will be at 100 km / hour.

Production Courtyard: I loved Cinemagique (a musical that transports you to different movies throughout the history of Disney). The Studio Tram Tour is also very good, a train tour through different sets and an amazing experience in the Grand Canyon, where you will experience some special effects with fire and water ...

The truth is that I loved this park, so if you are a movie and Disney lover you will love it. Highlight the area dedicated to Toy Story (Playland Toy Story), where there are several attractions and Andy's toys are gigantic, so there you are the little one.

Exploring Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris - Attractions Adventures (July 2021)

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