Atlantis Paradise Island Resort Teen Disco

If a game room or a hotel pool is not enough to support teenagers entertaining when you go with them on vacation, how about a huge disco for them? This has been the great idea that the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. The children of the guests can enjoy this immense installation since January 1.

Designed to keep even the most demanding of guests constantly having fun, the club combines elements of the premises nocturnal for adults, such as video walls, performance, VIP areas and doormen, with all the comforts that can entertain those mini-adults more, such as important technological innovations. The club is inspired by some of the most luxurious nightclubs in Las Vegas and has been decorated by the interior designer. Jeffrey beers.

In the inside there is no lack of tinted glass panels, LED lights on all sides, marble floors, etc. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside, but you can enjoy all kinds of exotic drinks such as ‘Mango Margarita’. The discotheque It remains open until one in the morning.

Instead of being in a place full of smoke from smokers and some fight than another, young tourists will be able to cheer on their friends in the different games that they will be able to take part in. consoles that you will find all over the place. One of the managers of Atlantis, George Markanotis, has explained that teenage children are the ones that most influence family vacations, so it is not surprising that big brands hoteliers you are increasing your efforts to attract them.

Bahamas Resort Club for Teens Only (January 2021)

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