Marching in Frankfurt

Frankfurt It is the fifth largest city in Germany and has great economic power thanks to its location as a key transportation hub and home to numerous prestigious international fairs. It is not only the financial heart of your country but also one of the most important in the European Union. With numerous skyscrapers, banks and companies flock to the city's central district to further enlarge its economic strength. Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest thanks to the number of people who visit the city to do business or attend a business meeting.

Of course you also have many things to see if you are going to visit the city, but what I'm going to talk to you about today is the lively nightlife in Frankfurt, which is already almost considered one more tourist attraction in the city and something essential if you visit it is that at least one night you go out for a drink. In many bars they have live music, especially jazz music, and although it is not your favorite musical style, you should stop in one of them because it is worth, and very much, worth. The best places for this music are in the Jazzgasse area.

In the streets around Affentorplatz you will find many restaurants for dinner and also several clubs where you can listen funky music with a very personal style of decoration. One of the bars that I liked the most was the O’Reilly Bar (opposite the main train station), a typical irish pub where not only can you drink all the beer you want but they also have a giant screen for the most interesting sporting events. If you like more sober bars with a calmer atmosphere, you can visit the Luna Bar, at Stiftstrasse 6. As you can see, you have options for all tastes, so I totally recommend that even if you are not much of partying, you should be encouraged to at least go for a little walk at night in Frankfurt.

1. Deutsche Marching Band The sound of Frankfurt (June 2020)

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