A walk through Soho in London

The Soho neighborhood It is one of the most visited by tourists who come to London, since it is very bohemian, charming and special, in addition to being located in the heart of the city, very close to major tourist attractions. Soho comprises streets as important in London life as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Charing Cross Road or Shaftesbury Avenue, which also form the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city and where the largest number of luxury shops can be found, in addition to the famous Ritz Hotel , where almost all the celebrities stay when they are in the city.

Over the years, Soho has become what it is now, a neighborhood where you can see the influence of the French, Germans, Italians, Russians, Jews, Greeks, Asians ... a whole mix of cultures and arts that soon made this neighborhood the most famous and visited in the city. So much so, that the main television, magazine and fashion companies have offices there to be at the nerve center of everything that is happening in London.

The entertainment during the day does not stop at night, so if you want to party and have fun, it is also a good place to go to go to any of the many places that offer entertainment at night in Soho, such as the typical ones. English pubs, a comedy club, several theaters, cinemas, bars with live music every day ... a busy nightlife totally recommended if you want to see the best of the London march without having to go all over the city.

With Picadilly circus As a meeting point, many religious groups also visit Soho to go to some of its famous temples, such as the Church of Saint Patrick or the Church of Saint Anne. There is even a Hare Krishna temple and a small mosque. As you can see, in Soho you can find a whole world in just a couple of street blocks.

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