Original museums of the world

Museums have always been places visited by all the tourists who come to a city and by its inhabitants. Many are those that are famous around the world and there are people who organize their trips based on the museum they want to visit. But not all museums are cultural, that is, where you can learn history, see works of art, etc. On this occasion I will discover the most original museums in the world, which will come in several installments. I start today with five:

Museum of counterfeits: You are in Paris, France. The street where it is located is called Rue de la Faisanderie, which translated comes to mean "Street of deception". If you visit it, you can discover the enigmatic world of counterfeits and counterfeiters thanks to more than 300 objects. His “works” include statuettes of Rodin, a Dalí, and various works by Giacometti, all, of course, without being their original authors.

Sensorium Museum: is in Rüttihubelbad, in Switzerland. Located about 15km from Bern, if you visit you can enjoy an authentic experience for all your senses. A highly recommended place to visit with children so they can discover how shapes, balance or rhythm are born.

Espionage MuseumBy calling himself that, you will have guessed correctly that he is in the United States, specifically Washington. More than 1,100 objects among which you can see shoes with a transmitter, aerial photographs taken by cameras installed on birds or lenses equipped with cyanide ... all very James Bond. It is the largest collection in the world on this subject, and they also organize a very realistic and exciting mission. Who knows! It's the same for you to spy on Obama ...

Ramen museum: It is in Tokyo, Japan, and is set in Japan half a century ago. All the utensils that have been used throughout history to make noodles are exhibited, as well as any variety that exists on this food that is basic in the Japanese culture.

Star Car Museum: is in Keswick, Cumbria, UK. If you are a movie lover you will love it, since in it you can see cars, for example, from James Bond or Thunderbirds. Bond are, among others, the Aston Martin used in Goldfinger, The Mustang or the Toyota.

"British Museum". One of the best collections anywhere in the World. London, England (November 2023)

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