Travel looking for eclipses in 2011

The State Meteorological Agency has already presented its 2011 weather calendar where all the eclipses that will occur next yearSo if you are a lover of this type of phenomenon, I will give you the dates and places so that you can organize your holidays and see any of the eclipses anywhere in the world. In total there will be six that can be clearly seen from various countries, in addition to the last two from Spain you can also see.

The first is very soon, the Tuesday, January 4 and will be able to be seen although only partially You can enjoy it from some places in Europe, North Africa and West Asia. The next eclipse, also partial, will take place on 1st June and can be seen from East Asia, Northern North America, Iceland and Greenland. Just a month later, on July 1, if you are in the southern part of the Indian Ocean you will see another partial.

It will have to be well into the fall to see the next as it will be on November 25 And if you want to see it, you must travel to South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania or western New Zealand. The two that are missing can be seen from Spain. The first of them June 15which will be the first fully visible lunar eclipse in our country, while the other will be the last of the year, on December 10, and can also be seen entirely from Spain.

If you want more information about the exact places, stay tuned to the information published by the State Meteorological Agency to know all the details and to be able to observe this phenomenon in all its splendor. Tell you you should not look directly at the sun Under no circumstances during an eclipse of the sun, so if you see any of the solar use sunglasses that are of quality since the force of the sun could damage your eyesight.

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