Travel to Reunion

In the year 1640 already Meeting it had been occupied by French and Portuguese, who in 1513 had been the first Europeans to arrive on the island. The island flourished during the 18th century, when it was among the routes of transport maritime used in trade between Europe and Asia. The sugar plantations, worked by slaves imported from Africa, formed one of its main economic sectors.

Meeting was ruled As a colony until 1946, as you can imagine, French culture is present in many corners of the island. Nor should we forget the Indian and Chinese influences, and that wonderful tropical touch. The predominant language is French, the architecture leans more towards French models, but this is also a land of volcanoes that has its own season of cyclones.

Likewise, the dishes French They can be on the menu of any restaurant you choose to eat at. But the best thing is their mixes: they can serve you a duck curry instead of the canard à l’orange you were waiting for. No wonder Reunion is considered a secret very well kept, as the French presumably want to keep this little gem intact.

Although it is a island With exceptional and brilliant turquoise waters, the amount of sharks that surround it do not make it the ideal destination for water sports. What you can do during your holidays is to choose one of the great trekking routes that you will find through its mountainous terrain. Great valleys surrounded by volcanic mountains intermingle with areas of waterfalls and other precious natural elements.

Reunion Island Travel Diary - #GoToReunion (April 2021)

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