Tips for traveling to London

London It is one of the main European destinations where you have many things to do and visit and that almost all of them we have recommended previously on this website. What I bring you today are tips for traveling to London, since it is important that you take into account a number of things before going so that once there everything is perfect and you do not have any unforeseen events:

Plan your trip: It is a very large city, so organize in detail the places you want to visit so that you can have time for everything and know how to get to each one of them.

The pound: Remember that in the United Kingdom they do not use the Euro and they continue with their own currency, so try to take the change from here since there are too many places and you will never know which is more profitable, so stop by your bank to ask how much time in advance you must request the change.

Food: Eating in England is not the same as in Spain, especially in London. There the restaurants that you will find will be almost all foreign and international food, the ones there are very expensive and unless you carry a lot of money it is difficult for you to go to a good one. Of course, fast food restaurants at the tip of any corner.

Coffee: It is difficult to find a typical cafeteria that serves you good coffee, since the most popular is tea, so the best thing I can recommend is that you stop by the famous Starbucks or similar and have an Expresso or a Cappuccino.

Order: London is a very orderly city and the English are very respectful of others, something that everyone there adopts as their own. A queue is highly respected there, whether for the bus, for a concert or to buy bread.

Taxis and minicabs: There are two types of taxis, the typical black ones that are at the stops and the minicabs, which are normal cars that stop you when they see you waiting and take you for a lower price. It is up to you to risk taking a non-legal car, although there are so many that some fully legalized minicab company has even been set up.

Transport: everything is very well connected and you will have no problem getting where you want to go. The best thing is that you buy a transport voucher, there is a daily, three-day, weekly or monthly, it will be cheaper and you can combine bus and I had (the metro).

Things to know BEFORE you go to LONDON - London travel tips 2020 (October 2020)

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