Madeira, the pearl of the Atlantic

TO Madeira it is known as The pearl of the Atlantic and it is a small archipelago that belongs to Portugal and has two inhabited islands: Porto Santo and Madeira, in addition to three small ones that are not inhabited and which are called Desert Islands. Everything as a whole forms the Madeira Autonomous Region, and are less than 400 kilometers from the island of Tenerife and about 850 from Lisbon. They are islands of volcanic origin and with a beautiful mountainous landscape. They live thanks to tourism, since it is one of the largest tourist destinations in Europe and receives visitors during all times of the year since the climate is very mild.

If you go to travel to Madeira you should visit its capital, Funchal, which is on the south coast and its climate throughout the year is about 20ºC, except in summer it rises quite a bit although they do not usually reach 30, the truth is that the weather is very stable and you do not notice excessive heat in summer or cold in winter . The places of interest in Madeira are mainly the Madeira Botanical Garden, the Cathedral and the Museum of Sacred ArtAlthough there are other beautiful sites such as Mercado dos Lavradores, the Municipal Garden of San Francisco or its historic center.

If you are going to spend a few days in Madeira the truth is that you can visit several cities, so in addition to Madeira you can visit Porto Santo, Machico, Cámara de Lobos, Santa and Santa Cruz, the most important cities of the archipelago as well as the capital. In Porto Santo you can enjoy a lunar landscape which is a real joy, in addition to the beach or the Castelo Peak, where a small fortress is built. In addition to great landscapes, in Madeira you can enjoy exquisite gastronomy.

Madeira - Pearl of the Atlantic (June 2020)

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