Picadilly Circus, the most famous square in London

Picadilly circus It is the most famous square in London, with permission of Trafalgar Square Clear. It is in the area of West End, in the Westminster district. You will immediately recognize it by that corner corner with the great lights of different electronics companies and that appears in so many movies that you have seen. To get there, you have the station right there Picadilly Circus subway, or you can go to Oxford Street and take a walk following Regent Street to reach your destination. In addition, Regent Street is one of the most famous streets in London for its shops, and also has a bar that is the same as the one in the series. Cheers, with photos of the actors there and everything.

Once in Picadilly Circus you have a multitude of options to choose from, you can enter a store, photograph yourself in the famous Memorial Fountain that is in the middle of the square, eat in one of its restaurants (especially recommended an Italian who works in buffet service, great!) or take a photo at the famous Ritz Hotel. In the southern part of the square you also have the Criterion Theater, a very beautiful venue and that you can take advantage of to see some work if they have something on the bill.

In the surroundings of Picadilly Circus you can stop by the London pavilion, a music hall converted into a movie theater and finally reopened as a shopping center united with the Trocadero Center and thus forming a spectacular place where you can not only buy but also play a game in some of the many machines that they have in a recreational center. Is named London Trocadero and is connected to the subway.

From Picadilly Circus you can set course for Hyde Parkto Soho or to many more areas of London. A mandatory stop if you are going to visit london.

Times Square of London(Piccadilly Circus) | Most famous intersections on the planet (August 2020)

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