Know Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country, located in the center of the continent of South America, surrounded by Argentina in the south and west, Bolivia to the northwest and Brazil in the east and north. The total area of ​​this country is around 406,750 square kilometers, and its official name is Republic of Paraguay.

It has the Paraguay River that flows throughout the country and therefore divides it into two different regions. The capital of this country is Assumption. Although the country is small, its history is very large, so if you are going to spend your holidays For the area, take note of some very interesting facts about Paraguay:

- Paraguay, before 1811, was a colony of Spain. But before the Europeans arrived in the country, it was inhabited by native tribes called Guaraní.

- During the 17th century, the Jesuit missionaries entered Paraguay, in order to preach and teach the natives the story of Jesus to convert them to Christianity. They were successful. But the Spanish wanted control of the native people and from their trade so they expelled the Jesuits and established a colony. The country gained its independence from Spain on May 14, 1811.

- The Paraguay river (from which the country gets its name), it crosses the country, dividing it in two. The eastern part is more populated than the western part. This is because the western part is a lower, swampy area with areas of dry forest, unlike the eastern part.

- The capital of Paraguay, Asunción, was founded by the Spanish rulers in the year 1537. It is the largest city in the entire country. The guaraní and Spanish are the official languages ​​of this country and the national currency is Guaraní.

Facts you should know about Paraguay (May 2022)

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