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The best time of year to visit the south of the India it is winter. In this way, tourists can avoid the monsoon, the incredible summer heat, and also have the opportunity to see the Hindu festival of Diwali, the "festival of lights". But if you want to visit a dream place, you should go to Hyderabad. Located in the center of the Deccan Plateau, Hyderabad is a 400-year-old city inhabited by over five million people.

Hyderabad is also the city capital from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. It has been changing for years and it is increasingly becoming a tourist link par excellence, but the uncomfortable dust of the area will be the main protagonist of all the visits you want to make. The places that you should not miss in Hyderabad are: the Salar Jung Museum, Birla Mandir, Charminar, and Lad Bazaar. First, Salar Jung Museum, has one of the largest private collections in the art world.

Located downtown, with more than 40,000 works and 50,000 books from around the world, the museum was declared a national treasure in 1961. The main “architect” of this great collection was the incredible Salar Jung III, who along with Jung II, traveled the world in search of unequaled treasures. You can spend a whole day in the museum. Charminar and Lad Bazaar are within walking distance of each other.

Charminar is the symbol of the city and was built in honor of the eradication of the plague in 1591. Directly to the right is the Lad Bazaar. Here you will find an incredible variety and colorful exhibition of very striking stores due to the colorful of its decoration.

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