Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo

What the Japanese do not invent is clear that it does not exist anywhere else in the world. While in Europe theme parks are dedicated to Disney or Warner characters, the Japanese have focused on an indisputable star, although I still do not know exactly what sector. Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise has opened its doors in Tokyo. It has been a couple of generations since the kitten became fashionable, and although it disappeared from the map a few years ago, suddenly everything is full of Kitty again and it is difficult to find a single store that does not have something with its face.

If you are one of the people who collects everything from Hello Kittyyou will surely love it travel to tokyo and visit its theme park, a pink enclosure (it could not be of another color ...) that is located in the Odaiba district, inside the Venus Fort Shopping Center, although that does not prevent its surface from hovering around a thousand square meters. Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise It is divided into three areas: the recreation area, the restaurant area and, of course, the shopping area.

In the recreation area you have from multiple games to hang out to a theater that projects cartoons of the cute kitty on the ceiling, which is vaulted. In the restaurant you will eat Kitty, directly, since everything they serve there has its face ... even the pancakes! Finally, in stores, you can find everything and more. What you probably never imagined existed, you will not only find there but will, of course, carry Kitty's little face. The image of this kitten is a true phenomenon of the masses, although it is only her image since she does not belong to cartoons, nor to a movie, nor a comic ... It is, simply, Hello Kitty.

Tokyo’s Kitty Theme Park & Food Court | Sanrio Puroland (August 2022)

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