Underwear against body scanners

I remember the outrage generated by the news of the new rule that would force you to go through body scans mandatory in airports. If you do not remember, with this new invention it does not matter what you are wearing, the person who watches the scanner will see you naked, only the silhouette projected by the scanner, but naked after all. All the shapes of your body will be shown and if you have a tiny pimple on your calf, the safety on duty will know. Apart from the multiple protests that this issue has generated around the world, ideas have begun to emerge to combat this new norm and, incidentally, to annoy the possible voyeur, because of course, if someone passes behind the security guard who watches the screen, well It also sees you, or have you ever noticed how things look on your tray through the scanner?

Well, there is a signature of underwear who has decided to bring to the market all kinds of bras, panties and briefs to prevent your intimacies from being shown to the public present around the airport body scanner. With a wide range at your service, the house Rocky Flats Gear It has put on sale fun models at affordable prices so that you can cross that "hostile zone" in complete safety. These garments have a series of decorations on the key parts that prevent X-rays from passing through them, so what will be seen through the screen is the drawing of your underwear and not your most intimate parts.

Their website is available in several languages ​​(including Spanish) and right there you can buy the models you need, you will pay a little more for shipping but the charges are not large. If you know someone who travels a lot, it will certainly be a great gift for the holidays to come.

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