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Marseilles It is a beautiful maritime city that is in the south of France and has the most important commercial port in the country, in addition to being the second city with the most population after Paris. In front of the port you can find the If Island, one of the most visited islands in Marseille and where is the famous 16th century castle that became world famous thanks to the novel “The Count of Montecristo”And its writer Alejandro Dumas.

The old Port It is one of the main destinations for all tourists who visit Marseille, it has a lot of leisure places such as cafes, restaurants, shops, hotels and various places of interest within the same port, such as its two spectacular fountains, the Santa María Lighthouse or the famous avenue La Canebiére, whose first section is really pretty. Already in the city center, you can see the impressive Notre Dame de la Garde basilica, which they usually call The Bone Mére and that it is a historic Catholic place of worship for the fishermen of Marseilles It is located on a hill just over 150 meters above Puerto Viejo. The views from there are the best in the entire city.

The Castellane Square in the Prado It is one of the most active places in the city thanks to being the place chosen by the people of Marseille when the historic center began to depopulate. There you will also find the Cours Ju ’, a square that has a park and a multitude of paths where you can spend a relaxed day walking. You cannot leave Marseille without entering one of its many artisan bakeries and pastries or in a chocolate shop where you will find authentic delicacies made with the best French chocolate and visiting The Chocolatiere du Panier You will be in the most visited by both residents and visitors. A real treat for the palate.

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