What to see in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the so-called Fortunate Islands (Canary Islands) and has sun almost all year round, making it a great time to travel now if you have a few days off and feel like relaxing in a place with good weather. You have multiple offers to choose from. First of all, you must be clear to which part of the island you want to travel, that you will decide based on what you want to do. If what you want is to lie on a lounger and get up only to go to your room or to dinner, it is best to choose the southern area, where you have many hotels to choose from in Adeje, Arona, Paradise Beach or The Christians. In any of those places it is very likely that even if you go in December you can be on the beach almost every day and you will also have Syam Park, one of the largest water parks in Europe.

If you are more interested in "city" tourism or prefer to take advantage of things, I recommend the northern part of the island since from there you will have access to a lot of offers of all kinds and for all tastes. If you decide to stay in Cross port, La Orotava, The lagoon or Santa Cruz You will have good weather although not as insured as in the south. You can visit the Parrot park (impressive enclosure with a multitude of animal species and shows with some of them), the Teide (symbol of the island and highest point in all of Spain, from where you will enjoy impressive views of the rest of the islands), Small town (a theme park that offers you Tenerife model-based miniature) or the Millennial Dragon Tree in Icod (typical Canarian tree with many years of antiquity) or reach the spectacular town of Garachico.

Whatever option you choose, Tenerife It is a small island so if you rent a car in less than an hour and a half you will get from south to north and vice versa. Also, as his most famous slogan says «Tenerife Friendly«, Its people are very kind and will be willing to help you in everything you need.

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