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Lush botanical gardens, seductive hidden coves, and glorious sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean overlook the island of Guernsey a feeling of being a clearly subtropical site. Settled just 45 km (28 miles) from FranceThis small island also has a glamorous feel to it, with French street names, exquisite culinary recipes, and the ease of being able to speak to most people in English and French.

Families have decided to spend their holidays in Guernsey for generations, enjoying a destination where they children they can roam freely while parents relax with a book on the beach. The pace of life is certainly more relaxed than in the rest of Great Britain, so take your time, wander the coasts, enjoy some golf lessons and stroll through the streets of the capital of the beautiful island, St. Peter Port.

Guernsey is famous for its quality culinary. The island has a wide variety of restaurants ranging from traditional French and English cuisine, to Italians, Indians and Chinese. There are two self-service restaurants in St. Peter Port. Beers and wines are relatively cheaper compared to the mainland. The specialties Regional are:

- The seafood, freshly caught, such as lobsters, crabs and scallops.
Guernsey Gâche (a fruit bread that is usually served with a typical local butter).

Eating out maintains excellent value for money as there is no VAT. Bars in Guernsey are able to stay open until the wee hours of the morning every day of the week.

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