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Georgia It is a small country of less than 70,000 square kilometers and about 6 million inhabitants, but it has a lot to offer to all those who want to spend their holidays there. If you are looking for rolling landscapes and mountainous topography, Georgia will be your personal paradise. The mountain chain of Great caucasus and the Likhi Range towers stretch across the country. If you like horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing or hiking, Georgia can become an ideal getaway.

Near Tbilisi, you will be able to know the well-known horse rides that consist of the realization of routes mounted on horseback. There are local haciendas, where you can spend the day although you will also find different hotels. You will love the horses They do these routes since they are purebred. You can also go horseback riding in the Caucasus Mountains. The horses here are different from those used in Tbilisi, as they are bred differently.

If what you want is to do trekkingSome of the best hikes in Georgia can be done on Mount Kazbek at 5,047 meters high. This peak and others in the Caucasus mountain range and the KazbegiThey lend themselves to some of the most spectacular excursions in the world. You will be able to roam the 2,380 meters of Jvary through the pastures of the upper plateau.

Other peaks (such as Mount Ortsveri), caves, ravines and mountain passes will be accessible with a good monitor that knows how to move around the area very well. You can take multi-day excursions around Tusheti and the Khevsureti highlands together with the Pirikita Alazani.

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