Tips for visiting Saba

Saba it stands majestically on top of a submerged extinct volcano. As such, the island is filled with breathtaking views of incredible cliffs and spectacular rocky shores. With only one road ("The Road") and a population of less than 1,500, Saba is the most pristine island of Netherlands Antilles. The preservation of its excellent ecosystem has earned it the nickname of "The Virgin Queen".

In fact, until 50 years, Saba was an isolated oasis, which neither had an airport nor a port. There are four villages, which until recently were connected only by thousands of steps carved out of the rock. A road now connects the airport with the island's capital at the bottom. The bottom is 250m (820ft) above the ocean on a plateau surrounded by volcanic domes. If you decide to travel to Saba, here are a few tips what to remember:

- Security
Saba is not a conflict zone, although terrorist attacks are the order of the day throughout the world. Organize your trip quietly, which, normally, is that you have no problem.

- Passport and visa
The passport is valid for at least three months after return to the country of origin. Visas are not required for stays that do not exceed one month. If the visit is longer then if necessary. On this subject it is better that you inform yourself a little more.

- Health
There is a hospital, plus the University School of Medicine. Health insurance is essential so that the inhabitants can be cared for.

- Currency
Netherlands Antillean guilder or Guilder (ANG; Æ symbol). ANG is pegged to the US dollar.

Packing tips for a dive trip to Saba, Caribbean Netherlands (March 2021)

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