Salamanca and Peñíscola, opposite but equally charming

Salamanca Y Peniscola they are two cities that you have to visit at least once in your life. While it is true that one has nothing to do with the other, it is no less true that both are charming for what they are able to offer tourists. The first is to travel with the backpack in tow, while the second is to not forget the towel and flip flops.

In Castilla y León we can come across Salamanca, one of the most important cities in that autonomous community. It has an area of ​​39.34 square kilometers and a population that barely reaches 160,000 inhabitants. Despite the fact that the data is not very spectacular to say, what is spectacular is its cultural and artistic wealth. In addition, it is the university city par excellence, which has also given it some international recognition, although it is obviously not up to the standards of other European universities such as Oxford.

In Salamanca there are required activities that you cannot stop doing: climb the medieval towers of the city and enjoy its views, get lost in the Huerto de Calixto and Melibea, have a drink on a terrace in the Plaza Mayor and try to find the frog on the façade of the University and the astronaut in the New Cathedral.

On the other hand, Peniscola It is a city located in the province of Castellón, being eminently coastal. It has an area of ​​78.97 square kilometers and a population that barely reaches 8,000 inhabitants, although obviously that figure in summer multiplies considerably.

In autumn and winter there is little life there. All the attractive We can find it in summer in good weather. The beaches are some of the best on the Levantine coast and walks for their long walk are appreciated, especially since small shops tend to be installed in which to buy some jewelery or souvenirs.

You know, look for some Salamanca hotel that is good or apaátelas as it is to find accommodation in Peñíscola. Surely you will succeed whatever your choice, although you must know how to choose the ideal time to travel.

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