Get to know Thai food

The Thai food has managed to become a world-famous type of cuisine. Their aromatic flavor and are often delicious testimonials to Thailand's unique culture. This type of food does not have to be always hot. Many of its most famous dishes, such as red and green curries, are very spicy and they are specially designed for the most daring.

The warm and humid environment of Thailand, has influenced your kitchen in different ways. Historically, food preservation is a problem in many tropical countries. The first gourmets soon realized that salt preserved, and that citrus and chili peppers were strong antibacterials. Chili peppers especially are very important to ensure the non-intoxication of people when they are going to eat meat beef, chicken or shrimp.

The drinks Modern, like Thai iced tea, have been specially developed, in part because condensed milk could spoil. If you go out to dinner in Thailand, you can clearly see the unequivocal influence of neighbors such as China and India. Furthermore, the interaction of the different religions It manifests itself in dishes such as Massaman, which is traditionally prepared with chicken and not pork due to the Muslim tradition.

East hot Or warm, sour or sweet, authentic Thai food (along with the drink) is always a treat for the senses. There are some basic things that need to be understood to increase your enjoyment. The main one is the philosophy of Thai cuisine. There is a relationship of the five fundamental flavors derived from cooking China old: bitter, sweet, salty, sour and spicy.

Everything You Need to Know About Thai Cuisine (October 2020)

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