The controversial opening of a five-star hotel in Ramallah

The opening of the first five-star hotel in RamallahIt means another small step in the journey the West Bank is taking to regain a normal life. However, the controversy is already served, because the construction of this building, for many disrupts the environment, which can not be forgotten: Israeli settlements built on a nearby hill, a Palestinian refugee camp below and in the misty Jerusalem background.

The Movenpick Hotel Ramallah, is a franchise owned by a hotel chain based in Switzerland. The hotel is mainly aimed at business travelers. This clarification has been taken by many as a clear opening on the part of West bank to "open up" to negotiations. The hotel's general manager, Daniel Roche, has commented that the past is the past. They believe in the future of the country and the future of this hotel.

These installations They were born from a beautiful investment, both in time and money, which will give Ramallah the opportunity to make himself better known. The hotel, which has cost $ 40 million, includes 171 rooms and suites, an outdoor pool, gym and seven conference rooms. The main restaurant has an Italian chef and a bar on the ground floor where, in addition to smoking a good cigarette, the customers They can taste a special whiskey over 20 years old.

The intention of hotel, is to house all the businessmen, humanitarian workers and diplomats who come to Ramallah, to give them greater security after the well-known Palestinian uprising. But, the city is also changing; a series of elegant bars and restaurants have already turned the city into a city that wants to be visited by tourists from half the world.

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