The paradise of the Seychelles Islands

The most famous Seychelles island They are to the east of the African coast and are a group of about a hundred islands that make this place one of the most beautiful in the world. It is a huge tropical paradise with great natural beauty and amazing beaches surrounded by palm trees and forests. The capital is Victoria, one of the smallest capitals in the world and which is also the only important port in the country. It offers tourists more attractions than the crystalline beaches, such as botanical gardens or museums. As an information note, the official languages ​​are English and French. They belonged to the United Kingdom until 1976 and since then they have their own government.

The main beaches of the Seychelles Islands are in the Mahe Island, and they are Beau Ballon (very close to Victoria), Anse Petite Police or Anse Soleil. In addition to the beaches, another of the main tourist attractions of the Seychelles island is he Ste. Anne National Marine Park, a perfect place for diving and which is made up of six islands, some of which can only be visited in organized groups, such as the Moyenne, which is best known for its legends of buried treasures and ghosts. Here, too, you can enjoy the scenery of the Valle de Mai, full of coconut trees, or swim in the spectacular beach of Anse Lazio, both places belonging to the Praslin Island.

The Seychelles island They are divided into several groups, depending on whether each one is formed. 42 of these islands are granite, 29 coral from the Almirante Group, 13 coral from the Farquhar Group, 4 mixed islands of sand, coral and granite and 67 coral islands from the Aldabra Group. In short, a unique landscape that will make you feel like you are in paradise, with endless beaches, crystal clear waters and all kinds of tropical trees.

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