New York, get more Michelin stars

With 57 restaurants Earning stars in this year's Michelin guide, New York has placed fifth in the world ranking. 2011 New York guide, clearly shows how the Big Apple with 10 two-star restaurants, has not changed in the last five years in terms of three-star restaurants stars it means.

Three French restaurants hold their places in the highest ratings: Jean Georges, Daniel and Le Bernardin, as do the Japanese Masa, and Thomas Keller's Per Se California. The four most important restaurants in the world remain in Tokyo, which has 11 restaurants with 3 stars, followed by Paris with 10 and six by Kyoto. New York ranks fourth. But NY It is undoubtedly rapidly rising.

Last year, the number of restaurants in two stars in New York went from four to six, reaching this year a total of 10. Some of the new additions are: Japanese Soto in Greenwich Village, the Italian Marea near Central parkSo Brooklyn Fare, where chef César Ramírez used to work with chef David Bouley.

The amazing Japanese restaurant Kajitsu in the East Village of Manhattan he got a second star for his "shojun", which are a kind of vegetarian dishes, prepared according to the tradition of the ancient Buddhist monasteries. In total, 57 restaurants have one or more stars. Tokyo continues well ahead with 197 star-worthy restaurants, while Kyoto's 85 gradually follow, Osaka with 65 and Paris, also with 64.

World's Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant in NYC- Tim Ho Wan (October 2021)

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