Dunhill and Black Tomato exclusive tours

Followers of the luxurious brand Alfred Dunhill, now they can organize their vacations with them. Dunhill has partnered with the luxury travel company Black Tomato to launch a series of vacation packages that invite exploration and adventure. Travel provides unforgettable stays to travelers in some of the most impressive places in the world.

The tours are inspired by the journey he took at Clement Court, which took him overland across much of the world from Europe to Japan. Luxury vacation packages are priced at £ 2,825 and travelers will be able to explore the same destinations Clement Court passed through, such as Paris, Moscow, Mongolia and Japan.

Experiences include a private tour at the Louvre Museum in Paris, a flight in a fighter jet over the city of Moscow, learning to hunt the eagle in Mongolia or bathing in the oldest hot spring area in Japan. Alternatively, guests can choose to re-recreate the entire trip on the Golden Eagle Trans Siberian railway, starting at 27.750£.

The Travellers who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, can take any of these trips that guarantee spending unforgettable days for all those who can pay those high amounts of money. You can start a train trip from Paris and fly to Moscow to get there, get on the train and, in a completely private cabin, do not stop in the next 10 days of discovering incredible places such as the historical city of Kazan, the architectural mix from Yekaterinburg, Lake Baikal ("The Pearl of Siberia") and in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

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