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Papua New Guinea It is a fascinating country where travelers can explore remote villages, practice spectacular diving, discover impressive wildlife, surf in true paradises and discover different cultures. The tribal diversity of a country with more than 700 languages ​​and more than 600 islands cannot be summarized, although in Papua New Guinea the holidays Any tourist can be described as fascinating.

There are a large number of attractions unique that can be known through excursions. You can also carry out different activities, such as the discovery of wrecks from World War II, search in the jungle for the so-called "houses of the spirits", etc. One of the biggest attractions for visitors Papua New Guinea is wildlife. The fauna and flora is very varied and extensive and, in general, it is characterized by being a unique ecosystem.

From the highlands mountainous Even the bluest waters you can imagine, you will discover strange and wonderful creatures that climb trees, kangaroos that will pass near you, birds of paradise ... Most of the country remains undeveloped. The largest island is Bouganville and has still managed to stay away from resorts and commercialization.

East destination It is perfect for those independent tourists who do not focus their holidays on spending a day resting in a luxurious five-star hotel. Papua New Guinea's traditional cuisine is based on root crops such as taro, Kaukau and yam. Mumu is a traditional dish that combines roast pork, sweet potatoes, rice, and vegetables. The fruits Locals include pineapples, papayas, mangoes, passion fruit, and bananas.

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