From Barcelona to Buenos Aires to live better

In recent months, due to the crisis who lives in Spain For more than two years now, many Spanish families have decided to leave the country to try their luck in Argentina, where life is much cheaper. Therefore, it is not surprising that I can tell you the case of a family that has decided to leave Barcelona to go live in Buenos Aires, where everything is not as magnificent as here, obviously.

Starting from the base that Argentina is a much more country unstable economically (see "Corralito") and politically, it would seem crazy to go there, when many times it is the Argentines who come to countries like Spain or Italy in search of a better life. However, there is a lot of unemployment here and people have to find solutions. And a good solution is to go live there. Why? Well, because there life is just four times cheaper.

Currently by one euro can you get some 5.40 Argentine pesos, amount that I already tell you that is very good over there. Thus, it is not surprising that the family that I mentioned decided to rent their Barcelona apartment to live on rent there. Logically, its members have also found work, so the amount of money that comes in is tremendous. They have gone from being unemployed in Spain living a very expensive life to having a job and living without difficulties because life is very cheap on the other side of the pond.

If you want to try your luck, what I recommend is that before you try to do some exchange with an Argentine family. That's much better before I start looking apartments in Buenos Aires. Also, the other family will not have to worry about looking Barcelona hostels, they can also enjoy a house in conditions with all the confidence in the world. Try it and tell us!

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