How to avoid losing luggage on a trip

If you are preparing to take a trip in plane We recommend that you take into account the following tips to avoid losing your luggage.

Try to choose a suitcase that is recognizable when it goes through the tape, you can put labels or ties to identify it more accurately.

For added security, put a sturdy padlock on the locks, so they cannot be opened. In many airports a protection service is usually offered with plastic film, which allows a little more protection of luggage. In the same way, it verifies which are the security practices of the airports, since many need to open the suitcases and when not being able to do so, they end up breaking the security of the same.

Never put important, fragile or valuable objects (jewelery, computers, camera) or liquids that could spill and ruin your clothes in the suitcase. The best option is to place them inside the luggage but in covers specially designed to protect them.

It is forbidden to carry the following products in carry-on luggage: aerosols, corrosives, flammables, lighters, sharp objects and all kinds of liquids such as gels, drinks, creams, toothpaste, cosmetics or deodorants.

If you receive the open luggage, ask to be checked before leaving the airport, since normally the complaints are worthless after leaving the premises. Try to have someone responsible verify that they have tried to steal something from the suitcase.

When depositing the luggage at the airline counter, verify that the data on the labels placed is correct, in case of error they may send it to the other end of the world.

Never neglect your luggage, do not leave it alone or in the care of unknown people. At airports, you have to be very careful because cluelessness is used by thieves.

HOW TO AVOID Losing your suitcase or Luggage at the Airport! (January 2021)

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