Hilton and its new spas

The well-known Hilton hotel chain has announced that it will continue to compete directly with Sheraton hotels in the restructuring of different spas in its facilities. The brand, which already has 123 spas worldwide and has another 80 under construction, explained that its new concept, "eforea" spa, will allow all its guests to achieve balance and well-being of the body that will allow them to enjoy their stay at the hotel much more whatever the reason (work, leisure, etc.)

In an attempt to expand the appeal of spasHilton has chosen to add a "Men’s Journey" service, which includes body repair treatments and a bamboo massage. This is just one of the three offers that the hotel offers its guests. By contracting Journey spa, guests will be able to use the different rooms that they will find in the spa, such as the treatments thermal.

The innovations that can be found in the rooms are very varied. For example, one of the most striking will be the special “cocoon-like” shower that includes music and an aroma diffusion system that can be used simultaneously. Last month, Sheraton announced a global improvement program for their spas.

The launch of its own spa products, Shine for Sheraton, confirms that this type of installations It is still big business for hotels. Although visitors to spas fell dramatically during the recession, specialists say that growth in recent months is very positive to continue with a clear increase.

Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa (June 2022)

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