Spending the holidays with friends

You have decided to pass the vacation with your friends, something quite frequent, knowing beautiful landscapes together, taking long walks through the mountains and talking without worrying about the weather. Everything away from the busy daily life, that's why we give you some tips so that everything turns out perfect during these days.

Prepare a list with the names of all the friends who join your vacation, do not forget to include your partners in case they travel together. In this way, you will not forget to inform any of the news of the trip.

Set the vacation date in advance, so that everyone can request the corresponding work permits without haste.

Calculate the money needed. Includes accommodation, meals, departures, transportation and a reservation for any contingency. Reach an agreement with your friends to have a common fund for group expenses.

Keep your friends informed of changes as they happen on the go, and don't let rules, places, or dates change without everyone being aware of and agreeing again. Remember that vacations are everyone's business, don't organize others' vacations without talking about it in advance.

If you rent a house or apartment to share accommodation costs, it is important that the site has enough bathrooms for the size of the group.

It defines who will be in charge of cleaning the place, buying food and preparing meals. Those three points will be the key to coexistence. Make sure that everyone has their responsibility and fulfills it for the good of the group.

Even if you are the organizer, you should also enjoy the holidays with your friends: ask the group for help if you feel overworked and smile if something does not go as planned. The time has come to have fun!

Spending the HOLIDAYS with my FRIENDS !? - Friends (October 2020)

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