Luxury services for Singapore Airlines travelers

Singapore Airlines It has just released its new service, which can be used by those clients whose economic level is quite high. The case is, that the company offers to make "transfers" by private jet, in Europe, for all those passengers who fly from Australia. These transfers are possible thanks to the collaboration agreement that the company has signed with the
private services of Lufthansa Jet.

East service It means that passengers flying to one of the 14 European destinations Singapore Airlines will be able to continue their journey in a private jet to more than 1,000 airports in Europe. This project is very similar to the one that PrivateConnect already offers. British Airways merged with CitationAir announced earlier this year that it would provide connections to private jets in North America for passengers arriving from other flights.

The European service, which will be provided exclusively to Star Alliance members of Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa, will be fixedly priced and based solely on distance, regardless of the number of travelers. The price: 6.900€. Of course, for that high price, it also includes a «Private Jet Manager»Which will be available to the traveler to organize meals, luggage transfers, hire limousine services and customs issues.

It is clear that this service high-end It will become very popular with Singapore Airlines' first-class passengers, who already enjoy suites aboard the A380s to London, Paris and Zurich. The price of this other service is about 12.000€.

Travel in Luxury from Amsterdam to Singapore | Singapore Airlines (October 2020)

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