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Swaziland It is a mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa that has been named, and rightly so, as one of the most beautiful countries in all of Africa. Wood forests, granite mountains, torrents that move freely through fertile valleys and, finally, the African savanna, make the countries unique and unrepeatable. Its relaxed attitude makes it the ideal destination for quiet holidays.

The weather it is flooded by the true African sun, but with a cut of refreshing mountain air. Famous among South Africans for its casinos, you can also enjoy safaris, hiking, rafting, caving and a host of other activities. There are several national parks in Swaziland, offering a diversity of habitats, flora and wildlife that will allow you to enjoy wonderful days.

Hlane Royal National Park actually belongs to the King. It covers 30,000 hectares of African savannah and contains most of the most famous animals: the lion, elephants and white rhinos. It is possible to make the visit without a driver, on foot or by mountain bike, but how much more will you enjoy it will be with a qualified guide who will show you all the corners of the Park.

The oldest park in the country is Mlilwane, a picturesque sanctuary of around 4,500 hectares located in the northern countries, in the well-known Valley of Heaven. The Park is divided into the southern grasslands and the northern mountain forests. In addition to the flora and fauna, there are also cultural sights, such as the "Rock of Execution" at Nyonyane Peak and Swazi Royal Graves. The last of the game reserves in Swaziland is Mkhaya, which has specialized in species in danger of extinction.

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