10 destinations you would recommend to your best friends

How many times have you been asked about Destinations to whom is it recommended to travel? Surely many! Unfortunately, most mortals cannot go around the world and we want to make sure we have made the right choice, which is why we often ask family and friends for places worth visiting.

If you want to give good advice and thank you by giving yourself souvenirs of all kinds, you should read this article about 10 destinations that you would recommend to your friends. Of course, do not make up that you have seen this and that if you have not even stepped on the city or the country you speak of as if you were born there.

1- Cape Verde

Cape Verde
Cape Verde, considered as the caribbean of africa, It is a beach destination that we do not usually have in mind, but it has everything to fall in love with the tourist who visits it wanting sun and beach. It is an archipelago with several islands that are simply beautiful, so I recommend moving around some of them to enjoy the vegetation and beauty of its sandy areas, which are undoubtedly its main attraction.

2- Banff, Canada

From the beach to the most authentic mountain. In Banff, a beautiful town in the province of Alberta, they are used to receiving visits from nature lovers who ask about the Banff National Park, which is the oldest in Canada and is located in the Rocky Mountains. Its 6,641 square kilometers of extension are not easily covered, so the most common thing is to spend a few days there, surrounded by natural beauty. Canada's most beautiful landscapes they are waiting for you.

3- Sydney, Australia

Australia's largest and most populous city is a box of surprises. The famous Sydney Opera or the port bridge are some of the must-sees, as is taking a walk on the trail from Bondi Beach to Coogee, since you have beautiful views and you can stop on more than one occasion to photograph incredible corners. They are 5.5 kilometers that are traveled without any effort, although it must be borne in mind that at certain times of the year the heat can be scorching.

4- San Francisco, United States

San Francisco
He has always lived in the shadow of New York in the ranking of most beautiful cities in the United States. However, those who have visited it want to return as soon as possible because it has an inexplicable power of attraction. For starters, the famous Golden gate It is the perfect target for a scandal photograph. Then there are also its steep streets, the good atmosphere that is breathed on its beaches or the panoramic views from the Twen Peaks.

5- Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scotland's capital It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe without a doubt. Stroll along the Royal Mile, take in views of the city from Edinburgh Castle, taste a pint in one of its pubs… You have many plans to make, and you can even afford to learn more about its history with tours like the from the mysteries of edinburgh.

6- Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona is by far the Spanish city that receives more tourists year after year. In 2017 there were some 12 millions and that number could continue to grow. The Sagrada Familia and Park Güell are the most visited places, but it should not be forgotten that in Barcelona you can stroll through La Rambla and La Barceloneta, visit Casa Batlló, be seduced by the fresh products of the La Boquería market or contemplate the Barcelona Cathedral. In addition, the most soccer fans have an appointment with the Camp Nou, which is one of the largest stadiums in the world.

7- Sardinia, Italy

Of everything what you can visit in Sardinia its magnificent beaches must be highlighted. With the permission of the Balearic Islands, this Italian island could be considered as the European Caribbean. Zones like Saint Theodore They are a gift for tourists, who not only enjoy their crystalline waters, but also a tribute is given at lunchtime thanks to the renowned Italian gastronomy.

8- Paris, France

What to say about Paris that has not already been said. It is a city that makes you fall in love from the first moment for the elegance of its architecture and the Eiffel Tower, which is surely the most beautiful monument in the world. You have a multitude of romantic plans to do, and also plans with children. In the City of Light, which by the way is the preferred destination for influencers in 2018There is always something to do, such as attending an unforgettable show like the ones held at the legendary Moulin Rouge. In addition, there is also room for a bohemian neighborhood like Montmartre, which is not only a must-see for the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, but for the views it offers of Paris, which are a highly recommended alternative to those seen from the Eiffel Tower.

9- Madagascar

Madagascar is an island different from the others. Why? Because it has thousands of unique species in the world, and by that I mean not only the flora, but also the fauna (80% is endemic). The most popular example of all is the baobab, as six of its eight species are only seen there. Madagascar is about 400 kilometers away from the African coast, in the Indian Ocean, from where it surprises us with its forests, volcanoes, plains full of vegetation, nature reserves ... It is a place of contrasts With 5,000 kilometers of coastline with jewels such as the island of Nosy Be, which is to the northwest and is known as "the island of perfumes" for the smells of spices, sugar cane and ylang ylang (a tropical tree with yellow flowers) that they reach the shore.

10- Santiago de Chile, Chile

In Santiago de Chile there are many things to do. You will do them well thanks to the friendliness of its people, who make you feel comfortable from the first moment visiting its modern and historical neighborhoods. You are obliged to go to the San Cristóbal hill, Bellavista neighborhood, to the Palacio de la Moneda, to the Cajón del Maipo, to the Central Market or to the Metropolitan Cathedral. Three days is probably enough to get to know the city well enough.

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