Knowing Puglia

Puglia It is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. It is located on the "southeast heel" of Italy, covers a vast region of 19,345 kilometers (12,000 miles) and has a population of around four million people. Although relatively unknown on the tourist circuit, Puglia has everything: excellent food, delicious wines, beautiful beaches and a fascinating culture.

With the growing number of luxury properties in the area, now is the time when Puglia is making itself known to everyone. Sun worshipers should head to the shallow waters of Marina di Pescoluse to take a nice dip or enjoy some sports in the sand such as volleyball or soccer. You will find a lot of clubs where you can spend a nice night out. Most of these sites charge to enter but are not too expensive.

The crazy people of diving should go to the Tremiti islands. These five small islands form the Gargano National Park and they are excellent to spend long days diving. Non-divers can spend their free time exploring deserted coves and hiking through the inland forest. When you return to earth, you should not forget to visit the Castel del Monte. It is an old construction that dates back to the 13th century and was built by Emperor Frederick II.

Then you must visit the city of Alberobello. It is full of historical limestone buildings that were used as houses during the 15th century. Now, they are usually empty except in summer that they are rented out for tourists. Finally, visit Matera. This is a city of white stone, dotted with ancient cave houses and churches that have been converted into elegant restaurants and hotels.

Puglia, Italy - A photographic journey (October 2020)

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