Get to know Grantley Adams International Airport

Then you have information Basic about Barbados International Airport, which is called Grantley Adams. If you are going to leave holidays in the area, don't forget to read this information:

- Full name: Grantley Adams International Airport

Address: Christchurch, Barbados

- Airport code: BGI

- Country code: 1

- Telephone: (246) 418 4242


- Number of terminals: 1

- Time zone: GMT - 4

- Location: The airport is 13 kilometers (8 miles) southeast of Bridgetown.

- Latest news: Grantley Adams experienced its biggest expansion and a series of improvements ahead of the 2007 World Cup of Cricket in Barbados.

Access: Accessible from ABC Highway, which runs from Bridgetown to the airport (journey time: approximately 30 minutes). It can also be reached from Highway 7 along the south coast.

- Parking: it has two parking lots, both within walking distance of the terminal.

Car rental: Courtesy Car Rentals, is the only car rental company at the airport. Its counter is located outside the arrivals hall.

- Public transport: bus. Easily recognizable for being a modern Mercedes Benz that regularly operates to and from the airport. They leave every 10 minutes from Bridgetown. Journey duration: 45 minutes.
Cab: Taxis operate from the airport, 24 hours a day. There are two companies: Barbados Tours (tel .: (246) 420 2877) and Quintette (tel .: (246) 428 8735). Taxis operate on a fixed rate basis and do not have counters, rates must be agreed in advance.

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